"With more than 3 years in Information technology field, KMI delivers services so as to make strategy creation, information security guarantee and system integration. Our way of working includes focusing on the client’s strategy and their long term goals. Moreover, we avoid short term trends and furnish the company with trustworthy and supple technology so as to attain remaining outcomes. "

Solution Lifecycle Support

KMI groups of IT department consultants possess required skills, methods and tools which are helpful for the client in adjusting to the market requirement and creating revenue using digital change. We support our services with multiple year expertise, and it is seen at every Phase of the project.

Planning Phase

  • Drafting and reviewing the Plan

  • Choosing the stage

  • Depicting business needs to attributes

  • Designing releases for iterative solution modification

Phase of Implementation

  • Stage based solutions and custom development

  • Integration

  • Data Transfer

Phase of Maintenance

We believe that there is no peak for the growth. And, KMI is always set to support the will for refinement whether it is the new functionality, performance, usability, scalability and bug fixing. We assign a multidisciplinary group with DB, CRM, mobile, UI and other specialists so as to maintain and update your software.


Having an experience of more than 4 years on CRM consulting and development services, KMI aids B2B and B2C enterprises in making long lasting relationships with their clients, support sales management and speed up the productivity. We help our customers to enhance the focus on marketing and sales automation, loyalty program management, sales planning, performance evolution, reporting and analysis.

Business Intelligence

KMI delivers end to end business Intelligence and data analysis services so as to convert raw information into meaningful and regular understandings. We help our clients to assess performance of their staff and get insight of consumer behavior. Not only this, we help our customers in handling financial and sales analysis. Moreover, we are involved in recognizing new opportunities for client’s business.


With over 4 years in SharePoint consulting and development, KMI offers custom intranets in order to make a combined work location, incorporate knowledge of corporate sector, design and give a proper shape to teamwork and speed up the overall business processing. We prefer the way to fulfill customer’s business environment and corporate values. We deal with initial consulting, design, development, customization and continuous support.


Having a sounding experience on web portal development, User Interface design and Quality Assurance, KMI delivers a broad range of competencies so as to make every resource a tool for making healthy relationships with consumers, employees, vendors and other valuable partners in the business.

IT service management

We at KMI hire an industry specific way for each project. Also, we use ultimate operations for making sure the prevention of service distortions and incident management with proper response to infrastructural changes, problems and events.

Custom software

Sometimes, it happens that packaged products are not able to fulfill the requirement of the business. Several expert groups of Designers, engineers and other skilled experts are prepared to examine the idea completely and make the product get formed. We mail software requirements to the clients, advise them on the way of development. After this, we quickly initiate the project and finish it within the set deadline. Once our customer approves the result, we offer customization and maintenance options for further growth.

Information security

KMI security group is ready to provide the complete security to important and sensitive business data. We aid our customers so as to allow identity and access management. Also, we support them to recognize threats in the network and validate the environment against APTs, ransom ware and other security threats. Moreover, we make the surety of agreement with industry specific security standards.

Analyzing the image

KMI software engineering capabilities cover complete cycle of image quantitative assessment. Moreover, it has image gain to its quality improvement, following processing, analysis and output. Covering complete analysis of produced product and clinical images, we are involved in:

  • Automated visual investigation

  • 3D scanning, modeling and mapping

  • Object recognition, categorization and sorting

  • Assembly verification

  • Recognizing faults and imperfections