KMI has been providing consulting services and offer ServiceNow based ITSM solutions that help your industry consider IT processes and infrastructure and permit proper reaction to incidents, problems and events, minimize opposing impact of infrastructural alterations and support them to optimize support costs.

Incident Management

We are having quality experience in applying incident management for MNC companies. Our group works with customer’s workflows so as to make a Service Now incident Management solution from the incident initiation and classification.

Problem Management

To allow timely detection and deletion of the roots of Incidents, we can aid you in tuning a ServiceNow problem management application in order to accomplish problem management workflows which are specific to your company

Event Management

KMI is united with various tools that are used for monitoring. Event management offers a inclusive view of all the events inside the corporation. With this information, IT support team take appropriate action without a user gets the technical problem and makes incidents.

Event Management

KMI help your industry in appealing request fulfillment workflows in the ServiceNow solution at the time of keeping process compliant with the industry processes. It will aid you to:
• Make the process of standard user requests for IT services.
• Allow the journey of requests for service catalog items or services that are ordered within the ITSM system.
• Service Now ITSM solution can also be united with third party systems of our consumer’s sellers if it is included in the items delivery.

Alteration Management

Feasible risks that are caused by alterations in an IT environment can easily be lessened with the change planning and managing functionality. Our group delivers ServiceNow based change management solutions, supporting:
• Looking in the possible effect of change of Configuration items with the ability to enlarge tracked CI classes in accordance with the industry’s requirements.
• Interconnections between changes and related incidents/ problems for the deeper study of the alteration outcomes.
• Increase properties for risk analysis and alter the approval which fits in industry’s specific requirements.

Knowledge management

It is possible to convert the ServiceNow solution into important knowledge which can be simply attainable to users in the corporation with respect to their roles.

Service Level Management

For industries based on partnerships in order to sustain end user’s high satisfaction and solution for in order to manage service Level Agreements can be necessary part of operations. With all of these, companies can automatically track and inspect the quality of third party services in order to avoid mishaps and inconsistencies in offering services to end users.