We offer ultimate protection of your business information with best security solutions. KMI has been providing full scale consulting services in information security. We aid our customers in order to protect their Information Technology environments by recognizing several security threats and gaps.

Increase your information security through our ability so as to:

• Analyze that how much protection your cyber environment is giving against APTs, ransomware and other malicious software.
• Recognize threats in your network in order to let you stop potential attacks.
• Upgrade the functioning of your information security solutions.
• Timely find out the cyber attacks in your networks.
• Secure your data which is important and sensitive.
• Make sure that you are abiding all the rules for information security standards.

Execution and fine tuning of a SIEM solution depending on IBM QRADAR
KMI security team provides complete knowledge of IBM security Q radar so as to let all the industries get a complete view of their IT environment and get accurate data on security events in real time with the QRadar based SIEM solution.

QRadar consulting services

We aid you to create a functional plan in order to integrate Q radar smoothly into the corporate IT landscape.

Qradar architecture development:

We design QRadar’s technical design in accordance with combined pre set system requirements and create Qradar an integral part of the security network that you have.

Qradar deployment:

We dismiss QRadar in order to empower correct functioning of its modules and the plaform’s superb functioning and scalability.

QRadar extreme tuning:

We join log source with QRadar. Also, we normalize data that is flowing in to it and configure its modules so as to process events from more than one network objects. Make custom rules so as to make Qradar much enough to unwind the complex attacks and get informed about security offenses properly.

Transferring to QRadar:

We change the solution which is not able to fulfill the security needs in order to QRadar so that the platform aids you recognizing arising threats and respond them properly

For the purpose of health check of QRadar solution and SOC automation, our skilled consultants have created a tool QLean for IBM security QRadar SIEM.

Function of QLean:

• It offers automated monitoring of QRadar functioning.
• It validates the variety of essential functioning parameters like EPS and FPI statistics, incoming log quality, events and flows timelines etc.
• It analyses the data that it has received with more than 50 operational metrics and 25 health makers and report is to QRadar administrators so as to make them able to inspect the platform functioning problems one by one.