"From previous 4 years, KMI is aiding corporations to enhance their business strength by influencing Microsoft SharePoint capabilities. We shaped our services to turn this flexible platform into a permit of multi level combination and exhaustive workflows. Moreover, we turn this platform in to a trustworthy basis of enterprise wide knowledge and innovation management. "

Solution SharePoint

Our SharePoint team is always ready to work whenever a company suggests implementing or modifying a corporate intranet. Also, we are ready to help you in modification of vendor portal, modify a document management solution or getting a knowledge management system. During matching the SharePoint’s parts with corporation’s requirements, we always focus on contributing to customer’s evolution and business growth.

Our Competencies

• Microsoft SharePoint projects
• Microsoft Gold Collaboration and content capability
• Advanced and Skilled SharePoint Experts
• Triumphant projects for Healthcare, Banking, Finances, Retail, Manufacturing and more

Endorsing your SharePoint Deployment

We deliver complete cycle services in order to aid you in making the optimal SharePoint solution which powers employee activities and supports business process.

SharePoint Consulting

SharePoint is a multi face platform. It does not matter that which SharePoint solution you are running or intending to deploy, KMI experts will help you convert the platform so as to serve your business aims in the best way. KMI consultants are always prepared to assist you at any stage of SharePoint Solution’s Planning, implementation or trying to make it more effective and broadly adjusted by employees.

SharePoint Development

Whether you are willing to create a SharePoint solution from the raw material or change it according to the latest business requirements or optimize its current features, KMI team will guide you in completing the task. KMI consultants assist you at the time when you need it.

SharePoint Migration

We deliver SharePoint transfer services so as to help companies achieve a smooth alteration of SharePoint’s versions or deployment models. It permits corporations to benefit from the new SharePoint functions optimize their infrastructure and deliver users with modern and useful solutions.

SharePoint Support and Maintenance

KNo matter which SharePoint version you are running, our team of skilled SharePoint consultants and developers is always prepared to offer you a helping hand in solving technical problems. Believing on your SharePoint solution maintenance and support to KMI, you will get a 24/7 hours assistance, complete inspection of a problem, proper fix of technical problem and adjustable maintenance and support packages.

SharePoint Health Check

In order to make sure the stable and error less performance of your SharePoint solutions, KMI created an advanced health check up method in for carrying out an inclusive assessment of the solution’s state. We perform complete monitoring of your SharePoint solution by analyzing page load time, finding custom applications exceptions. Also, we look at the custom application code with assessing the content quality.